Victorian Cremations

Pre-planning a cremation helps ease the burden on your family in a time of need.

It can be really tough to plan a funeral or memorial when you're already feeling distressed about a loved one's passing. There are so many things to think about: am I honouring their final wishes? Can I afford to give them the best send-off? How do I actually organise a funeral?

Planning earlier not only means your wishes are fulfilled, but that your family will be able to swiftly make the best decision, and feel calm knowing it's what you wanted.

Decide how you want to be remembered with MYLifebook

Our MYLifebook is a free gift from us to you, to help you think about how you would like to be remembered - and make sure your loved ones know too. Find out more and get a copy.

A Cremation Certificate means peace of mind.

Be cremated in Victoria, where your records are kept forever.

Some Victorians are cremated interstate, where laws on cremation can differ significantly. In certain circumstances, with some interstate providers records don't need to be made publicly available.   As a result, your final whereabouts may over time be unknown.  This can be a problem for family and friends when tracking ancestors, for example in a family tree.

If you're cremated in Victoria, you can seek to ensure that your records are kept forever and are made available to search (Read more).

Keep you and your family safe from hidden costs.

Funeral insurance can end up costing you a lot more than what is eventually paid out. And even if you have funeral insurance, your family will still have to worry about all the details. *

If you have considered alternative ways of pre-paying funeral expenses, please ensure that you understand what you are receiving.

It is important to understand that:

  • some providers allow you to make small regular payments over a period of time, however often the price is not fixed until the last payment is made *
  • only some pre-paid funeral plans offered by funeral directors offer a refund if you wish to cancel *
  • funeral Bonds offered by Friendly Societies and Life Insurance Companies may attract annual fees, which can vary. Also, the money invested can only be used to cover your funeral and cannot be accessed earlier or for any other reason. *

Making plans for how you want to be remembered can significantly reduce the pressure on you and your family as they understand your wishes. A Cremations Certificate with Victorian Cremations is only $905, whether you use it in 20, 30 or 40 years time.

Opt for a trusted, not-for-profit organisation.

We are a Government-legislated, not-for-profit entity, which means we are guided by clear values and driven by community need - rather than profits. Read more about our service.

Victorian Cremations offers the cheapest cremation option in Melbourne. We're also the only service in Australia that allows you to pay for a future cremation online in just a few clicks. You can activate the certificate whenever it's needed, and if you change your mind, that’s okay: you can obtain a refund at any time.

Tips for getting started

If you've started thinking about planning ahead, here are some helpful tips on what to consider next.

  • Consider your preferences in relation to the big decisions e.g. would you like to be cremated or buried?  Don't leave your family to make this decision.
  • Would you like a traditional remembrance service with formal arrangements, or something a bit different to reflect your life and legacy?
  • Think about the major events in your life that have shaped you, made you the person you are today and defined the legacy that you have created, possibly via children, grandchildren etc.
  • Record your wishes and memories with our complimentary Plan how you want to be remember - MyLifebook.
  • Contact our Customer Care team to talk through your questions on 1300 776 073, regardless of what your preferences may be.


*The above is some general observations in respect to pre-paid funeral plans and funeral bonds and are not intended to be advice on these matters. Each of these matters in certain circumstances are complex and can apply differently to people depending on their individual circumstances.

*The above is some general observations in respect to funeral insurance and it is not intended to constitute advice on the issue. Funeral insurance provisions can be very complex and can apply differently to people depending on their individual circumstances.