Victorian Cremations

A Cremation Certificate is an important document that sets out clearly your wishes to your next of kin and family in respect to cremation and in particular states your wish to be cremated in your home state.

By purchasing your cremation certificate online through Victorian Cremations, the following promises are in stone:

  • You will be cremated in Melbourne.
  • You pay the cheapest cremation price in Melbourne, at $905.
  • This price will not change - it’s a once-off payment. (How?)
  • Your investment is safe.
  • Your cremation will be carried out by an expert not-for-profit that has been conducting cremations since 1905.

Why is this so important?

Well, some Victorians are actually cremated interstate. While families may be aware of this process; what they don't always understand is that an interstate cremation can compromise a loved ones death records as not all providers in other states/territories make records publicly available. This can make future family history searches very difficult.

Ensure that your family have peace of mind, knowing they're honouring your final wishes. Read more about why pre-planning is important.

What do I do with a Cremation Certificate?

  1. Once you purchase your certificate, tell your family and friends. Talk to them about your wishes: ensure they understand you have chosen to be cremated, and that you have pre-paid for this to happen.
  2. Carefully file the certificate with other important documents such as your Will.
  3. When the certificate is ready to be honoured, it is simply presented to the Funeral Director who must observe the obligations of the certificate.

Pre-purchasing online takes less than five minutes.

Or, you can call us on 1300 776 073. We ask for only one payment, at the most cost effective price possible. There are no nasty surprises: if you don’t use the certificate for another 20, 30 or even 40 years, all the better - you’ve saved a lot in inflation. Read more about the hidden costs in funeral planning.

You're in the care of Melbourne's most experienced provider, conducting cremations since 1905.

You can choose to be cremated in one of our beautiful locations: either the Springvale Botanical Cemetery or Bunurong Memorial Park. Both are run by the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, a government organisation that has been around for over 160 years.